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Topic: NO AI Traffic in a Custom X-Life ATC Routes


This is a project I am trying to do in order to construct a fully functional ATC for MDSD Las Americas Airport in Dominican Republic since it even doesn't have buildings in X-Plane.

I am actually modifying 2 airports in DR, MDST and MDSD.

*- I have modified the MDSD Airport with Overlay Editor.
*- I have modified the MDSD Airport with WED.
*- MDST was not modified at all prior to set ATC routes.
*- ATC routes for both airports were created in X-Life Airport Editor

*- I started with an unmodified airport MDST and with this airport (without modifications) I was able to make ATC routes and with minor glitches it is working well.

Then I made the ATC routes the same way but with MDSD (modif some objects with WED and OE) I could not.

The issue is that I think yet I've made all the ATC correctly and I have not found errors when saving it in X-Life Airport Editor (.xls), but for some reason I don't get AI to work.

Can anyone have a little time to check it out and fix it or tell me what is wrong so I can make it work and then publish it for the whole X-Plane community.

*- I include here all the files I think it can be needed.

Would appreciate any help. I am attaching the files, if anyone need something more I would appreciate to ask me.

Thank You all!.

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Re: NO AI Traffic in a Custom X-Life ATC Routes


I've looked at your files and found the runway line missing, yes the main runway line is there on the editor RUNWAY tab but there needs to be one on the LINES tab too. I've taken the liberty of modifying your .xlf and cleaning up taxiways in some areas, avoid short runway offshoot lines along the runway as AI planes will head towards the end of the offshoot line away from the centre line before the turnoff point.
Obviously taxiways need naming so ATC taxi instructions can be issued and understood. It's not easy to tell without objects but you may need to revise maximum plane size at some gates, clearance on taxiways, overhanging service roads etc.
If you've not already seen it I produced an editor manual for JAR which is on a 'Sticky' at the top of the Custom ATC routes forum.

Happy editing, Phil

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