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Topic: airberlin (D-ALPH) updated

Well I did an overhaul to all my repaints and add some more detail. Because of that I started new topics for each Livery.

airberlin livery for the A332. In real life airberlin uses the A332 equipped with PW engines:

Now with window frames:
New gear door placard:

Now with "Bumbers" on the AFT doors:

Real life picture:


Enjoy flying it ;-)

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Nice one! Thank you smile


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Looks fine to me !

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Good day,
thank-you for the work.


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I didn't understand how to install the plate.txt and what it changes.
Can you explain this to me please.

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Re: airberlin (D-ALPH) updated

In the 330_JARDesign folder you will find a file called plate.txt. Duplicate that to have a backup and then replace the original one with the plate.txt file comming with my livery. Then you will have the right registration and the so called SELCAL Code "painted" on registration plate under the ECAM Display in the cockpit. I think with the original plate.txt file the Version Number of your JD330 is "painted" on that. The plate.txt file unfortunately isn't changed with the livery and has to bechangend before you load the A330 in X-Plane. Once loaded it can't be changed without reloading the airbus. But you don't have to change the plate.txt at all, you can just take the original plate.txt file coming with the JD330. It's just an addition to have the correct one available and to make the livery also in the cockpit look more realistic.

This is what it looks like, with my plate.txt. (Okay it's taken from D-ABXA instead of D-ALPH)