Topic: FMCar v2.6r1 For Win 7/8/10 MAC OS (for X-Plane 10/11)

FMCar v2.6r1

Whats New:
+ add new airport description file format (.xlf) support
+ compatible with more airports

If you have v.2.5 always installed, you may update only 2 files - win.xpl and mac.xpl

If you own an old version of FMCar and not have serial key, please contact support email and just send a copy of conformation email from shop where you get it.

Download here:


Re: FMCar v2.6r1 For Win 7/8/10 MAC OS (for X-Plane 10/11)

Thanks for update!

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Re: FMCar v2.6r1 For Win 7/8/10 MAC OS (for X-Plane 10/11)

X-plane 11.10r1 CTD when call FMcar. Usually it's working, don't know what happend. No hurry, i just paste log.txt for information.

Problem could be in better pushback plugin also. I try it again and better pushback goes bugged. So ignore this message for now

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Re: FMCar v2.6r1 For Win 7/8/10 MAC OS (for X-Plane 10/11)

Strange problem, I'm running XP 11.11 Final and every time I load KDCA, Washington Ronald Reagan, which is an X-Life airport, XP crashes. If I remove FM Car it loads no problem. I can fly over and around KDCA, all is fine, try and land and it crashes.                  I have used FM Car a long time and it has never crashed XP at any other airport, only KDCA.
I tried default and add-on scenery and it crashes default as well. I can't understand why only KDCA, I sent a bug report to Laminar and they have no answer. I made a clean re-install of XP 11.11 with no added scenery, KDCA loaded without problem. I then downloaded FM Car from JAR added it to XP. Tried KDCA and it crashed.
I made a support ticket, so far no reply. I wonder if anyone else could see if they have an issue with KDCA.