Topic: Number of activations

Hey guys,

is it possible to see how many activations I have left?

Today I probably used 4 because I tried to update JD330 V2.1R1 until I found out that V2.1R1 is the latest X-Plane 11 version.

For future updates I would like to know how many are remaining and how to restore them smile
I want to fly the A330 for a long time and if I change my computer I don't want to have trouble with

Looking forward to your help smile


Re: Number of activations

looking forward to the reply too,cause i will change my computer soon.


Re: Number of activations

Never had any issues with this, just send a e-mail to: support@jardesign.org
Depending on time zone, but normally I get a response after 1 hour or even less.