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New to XP and X Life. Need to know if the new Pro version still relies on JAR and users creating xlf files or does the new Pro version eliminate that need?


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Anyone able to answer this please? I have tried a post in the Updates section forum, no response. i am willing to buy this new version if I can get a response to my question. If the new version still relies on xlf files being created then i see no real advantage to the freeware version except that correct liveries will show up based on real life flight data. Flying VFR i have no need for follow me cars etc. I just want airports with traffic taking off and landing for immersion purposes. XP is severly lacking in the ai traffic department compared to the "other" flightsim.


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Taxi route files, old type + new xlf format are limited to what comes with X-Life, plus what users have posted on this forum. There is no difference between free and Pro version in that respect, but you can create your own xlf files for airports you're interested in with the easy to use airport editor.


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Many thanks for your reply. Appreciate it.