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Topic: To little Aircraft traffic


Iam interested in buying deluxe version.
THe only problem I have is the little traffic I have. I start in Frankfurt (EDDF) the biggest german airport and there are only around 3 or 4 Aircrafts moving at the other time there is no aircraft starting or landing . Sometimes it could be realistic but not at a normal day.

I have set the sliders to high and the runway interval to one minute. (I dont know what this slider exactly do)

Is that normal or do I something wrong? Maybe its a limitation in free version?

Best regards

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Re: To little Aircraft traffic

You have to have the deluxe version I believe to see more traffic as that will use "real schedules" all the information you need on the latest version is posted on a new thread on the home page of this forum. See Updates and Discussion. Also you can have the sliders to the highest settings but depending upon your computer and hardware that may not give you the best results.