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can i please have an air arabia liveries for a330-243 for xplane


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could i please have an airarabia livery for a330-243


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Jetstar 2016 A320 livery with the PW NEO engines? Thanks.


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I would love to have the ACJ320 (like for the 330). Does anyone want to make it?
http://www.airbus.com/aircraftfamilies/ … ly/acj320/


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Hi everyone, I would love to have a livery to this wonderfull and amazing aircraft A320 JarDesign as Solomon Islands. Should be very cool flying over my sceneries among others, AGGH- Henderson Field- Honiara Solomon Island.http://jardesign.org/forum/img/m/2806/t/p1b4c178601im4jb8g82mr1rt83.jpg
Cami De Bellis

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Hello !
can you guys do a a330-300 Frenchblue ?
its the F-HPUJ from air caraïbes smile


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Please make the new myAustrian Livery

https://www.google.at/search?q=austrian … HWXI4e8FM:




Thank you for your help


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Can someone do the new Sata livery?
Can't seem to find it anywhere

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I know that PPL LOT don't have this bird but i really want to have that livery. Anyone? smile

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Hello to all Jardesign members,

i have owned a few flight sims (fs2002,fs2004/fs9, FSX,X-Plane 9, P3D, and now X-Plane 11), and i recently made X-Plane 11 my main sim of choice after trying X-Plane 11.

i enjoy the Jardesign aircraft ALOT; however i am not skilled in painting Liveries.

i would like to make a special paint request. i made a fictional airlines of my own, during my FSX/P3D days in and addon called fs passengers and would like to carry on its legacy to X-Plane 11.

can anyone assist in creating a custom paint scheme using their own imagination for my fictional airline ?

i have uploaded the Logo for a reference.

please advise if its possible, and if not what can i do to make that happen.

Kindest Regards,

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