Re: ver 2.7 beta 1,2,3 WIN/MAC 64 bit

I spent this weekend comparing the new and old versions of the JAR A320 NEO, v2.7b1 vs v2.7b3 and have the following observations to share. I must start by saying that my comments may not be experienced by other users.

First, I really dislike the new panel color. On my iMac 27 it appears as a light "powder-puff" blue. A side issue to the new color is the the instrument display are not as visible as the previous version, probably due to the lack of contrast. I notice this particularly during daylight operation. Turning up the light level doesn't really cure this. I much prefer the original darker blue-gray color. The instruments are brighter and therefore easier to read, and I think the color is closer to the actual tone used by Airbus. 

Second, the one improvement/addition that impressed me was the ability to manipulate dials with the mouse scroll bar. This is a needed enhancement which makes dialing in altitudes, speeds, radio channels, etc. much easier. Please keep this. The cabin door lock and sunshade controls are nice additions also. Prior to this to enter the cabin you had to walk through the door which was difficult if you were carrying a cup of coffee.

The big issue is control. I did repeated flights from KSFO to KRNO and could not get the new version to complete the approach and landing accurately. After acquiring the ILS path and glide slope the airplane just went on a walkabout, losing autopilot control (with no corresponding alarm) and finally crash landing on one of the airport aprons. I tried the exact same route flown the exact same way with version 2.7b1 and it performed perfectly. I will be sticking with this version thanks. I prefer the color and this version performs accurately.


Re: ver 2.7 beta 1,2,3 WIN/MAC 64 bit

Dear pilots! Thanks for comments! Some was fixed, a few - not may be. Anyway sometimes need stop and post release. Now I just upload 2.7r1 and we:
- will continue there http://jardesign.org/forum/viewtopic.ph … 811#p13811
- will continue development

Yes, i read last comments include stevehaines.

Thanks a lot again!!!!!!

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