Topic: Rules, Instruction.

As you know, X-Life/FollowMeCar plugin may build route using "ATC taxi routes" what included in apt.dat file in your Custom Scenery folder. If your Custom scenery not include "ATC taxi route", you may use 3th part source files (downloaded or build yourself using WED). We prepare a numbers of Custom ATC routes .dat & .txt files for X-Plane Airports.

As example, we want install/update EDDH Hamburg Custom ATC routes. So, please:
1.Download EDDH.dat & .txt file from this link (official JARDesign board) http://jardesign.org/forum/viewforum.php?id=33
2.Put it to ../X-PLANE 10/Resources/plugins/FM/Airports/ folder and to to ../X-PLANE 10/Resources/plugins/X-Life/Airports/ folder

Another example - we build custom ATC routes and export it from WED as apt.dat file:
1.Rename apt.dat file to EDDH.dat (for Hamburg As example)
2.Put it to ../X-PLANE 10/Resources/plugins/FM/Airports/ folder

.dat & .txt files usually uploaded to our server and this files should be downloaded in auto mode direct to your/users computer when you start X-Life/FMCar plugin. If this not happen in auto mode (for some connection/firewall/antivirus reason) you can install it by hand as described above.

So, please, if you want to publish your own-created custom ATC routes, you can just post it to official JARDesign board. Please provide XXXX.dat file, screenshot of ATC routes from WED (or from FMCar map) and link to scenery.

If you do not agree with the fact that your files will be placed on the server for automatic download/use by all users - please let us know in your post.

Thank you!

Please read a FAQ before you post a bug http://support.jardesign.org