We want to be clear! At this stage of development, you can buy a serial key to activate Deluxe features mostly if you want to support the development of X-Life traffic project and, sure, if you have a free X-Life traffic plug-in installed and it works well.

Deluxe features what you can get as payware options:



+ ATIS and METAR info for Departure and Arrival airport (internet connection need)

+ Delivery clearance with Departure info, Runway, SID, initial altitude, Squack

+ Engine startup and pushback clearance

+ Taxi clearance and taxiroute to Departure runway

+ Takeoff clearance at hold short

+ Initial altitude and cruise FL climbing clearance

+ Reporting TOD request

+ Arrival info (Runway, ILS Approach, STAR, descend FL)

+ Approach clearance

+ Tower control with landing clearance/ GoAround instructions

+ Runway vacation request

+ Taxiroute to arrival gate


+ enter Departure Airport, Arrival airport, Alternate airport, cruise flightlevel and CallSign

+ Generate flightplan with “Generate” button

+ Or Enter flightplan by hands (ICAO format)

+ Import flightplan from aircraft C0Rte/FMGS (if supported, like JARDesign a320/330)

+ Import flightplan from text file with ICAO-format flightplan string (may use )

+ Export entered/generated/readed flightplan direct to aircraft FMGS and text file (if supported, like JARDesign a320/330)

+ Sent flightplan to ATC to continue work with ATC

*** If Generate function not work well for some Departure/Arrival pair, best way – to use routefinder website, prepare text file with ICAO-format flightplan string and import it with Plight Plan panel.


+ Request FollowMe Car (a separate plugin, not include Deluxe pack) direct from ATC panel

+ Big radar-map to control traffic around you

+ Traffic dencity settings

+ AI aircraft markers (to see AI aircraft info)

+ Screen Side Menu

*** – Due to the high complexity of the plug-in internal logic, of varying quality of the data in installed custom sceneries – possible unexpected termination of the plug-in time to time.


Ok? Well .. let’s continue..

And we should say THANK YOU! for your supporting of this project!!!



Price not include VAT for your country.

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