How to MAKE X-Life compatible scenery

Please look at this manual

Next stage.. It you test your ATC-taxiroutes files and traffic work well, you may share it for ALL x-life users. (Please read note about Sceneries published at below) If so, your files will be download to /Airports/ folder in auto mode next time when user will start plugin. To make this possible, please click support, create ticket, and:

+ attach ZIP file with .xlf files inside

+ provide link where user can get distributive of this scenery (to freeware website for freeware scenery and to shop for payware scenery)

+ provide your skype contacts (if possible)

+ for payware airport scenery, please provide to JARDesign Crew a copy of this scenery

Files will be checked by JARDesign Crew and:

+ add to Compatible airport MAP with a link to shop/freeware scenery page

+ upload .dat and .txt file to our server to allow ALL users autodownload it

+ If you want, you may publish your sceneries images anywhere with this logo:


!!! Sure, if errors or wrong drawing in your files, JARDesign Crew will contact you to discuss and correct this. Better – to provide us with your skype.

Note: A lot of sceneries published at are very simple and seems like not “5-star”. Policy for this sceneries – you should not send X-Life compatible files to support for checking, but you can publish .dat and .txt file yourself at x-life official board  for other users to make possible install it manually.